Orderstate Docs

Introduction to Order Participants

To start your network and invite all your colleagues who participate in an order, you simply need to send them the below email:
Hello! I’m using the Orderstate app to make the tracking of our orders easy and our cooperation more efficient! Please follow the below link to sign up and join my network.
www.orderstate.com and go to app.
After your registration you will automatically see all the orders and the specific milestones you are responsible to update.
Just open an order and check the timeline. Each of the milestones has a date you need to track. 3 days before the expiration of each milestone, a notification email will be send to you and ask for your update. In this case, proceed with the action needed and confirm the completion of the task.
If anything goes wrong and a delay is unavoidable, update the milestone with the next possible date.
Of course, the Orderstate team is always there to support and help you at any stage. They will be thrilled to introduce Orderstate to you and help you set up your account and train you on how to use the app. Just send them an email to [email protected] or say “Hi” to the in-app chat.
Let’s make our orders great with Orderstate!