Orderstate Docs

Intro to Orderstate

What is Orderstate

Orderstate is a service that allows full visibility of an order from order placement, to production, to quality control, to shipment, to customs clearance, to inspection, to final delivery. It allows all parties to know what and when to expect: the end customer, the manufacturer, the intermediary parties.
Orderstate make order tracking simple!

Who needs Orderstate

Our solution is designed to serve companies that have a complex supply chain with multiple customers, suppliers, freight forwarders, warehouses etc.
What we have seen in the market is solving either one small segment of the supply chain (i.e. freight forwarder tracking) or is a very complex Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution targeted for very high volume / very high complexity businesses.
Our product is solving the order tracking for small and medium businesses, who were previously using traditional methods to update the status of an order such as emails and phone calls.